Protecting Your Family From Danger Online

These are resources for Dr. Wes Fryer’s upcoming workshop series, “Protecting Your Family From Danger Online.”


As we live more of our lives connected to each other via social media, paying bills online and relying on Internet connections in our “smart homes,” the importance of protecting our families from online danger grows bigger. Join us for an evening of information, practical tips, and conversation with Dr. Wesley Fryer, a FPC member, area school teacher, and expert on digital literacy and media literacy. We will addresses ways you can use a password manager and “two factor authentication” to prevent hackers from stealing your identity and gaining access to your web accounts. How to spot and avoid Internet “phishing accounts” (trying to trick you into sharing your password or installing malware), ways to promote “digital hygene” on the smartphones, computers and tablets in your house, and options for filtering malicious and offensive web content on your network will also be highlighted. Bring your questions, your family members, and your friends! These are vital issues we need to address and discuss together! More information is available on

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  1. Have I Been Pwned?
  2. Google 2 Step Verification
  3. Two Factor Authentication List
  4. Recommended Password Manager: LastPass, 1 Password
  5. Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents from Casady School

About Wes Fryer:

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