Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting

Wesley FryerSpeed of Creativity Learning LLC (Wesley Fryer) provides social media consulting services to organizations and businesses wanting to establish, maintain and build complementary “digital footprints” online. These services include:

  • serving as a content blogger to establish/enhance your organizational blog
  • establishing and maintaining a dynamic organizational blog
  • developing a custom-branded WordPress blog matching an existing organizational website and brand
  • integrating social media platforms into organizational communications
  • leading workshops and sharing presentations about effective uses of social media for organizations

Wesley has provided and continues to provide successful social media consulting services to international non-profit organizations, large corporations, school districts, and local small businesses. Wesley specializes in the use of WordPress as a content management system as well as the use of Twitter and Facebook. Some of the clients for whom Wesley has provided social media consulting services in the past include:

Non-profit organizations for which Wesley has provided social media consulting services include:

Individuals Wesley has worked with recently for website projects include:

Wesley serves as the executive director for the non-profit Story Chasers Inc.(Edmond, Oklahoma) and maintains the websites and social media sites for Storychasers which include:


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