My name is Wesley Fryer, and I love helping teachers and students "show what they know" with media! I hope you'll find resources here which will inspire and empower you as a digital learner and leader. Find me on Twitter: @wfryer
Video Library
I maintain and update a tutorial library with dozens of videos on PlayingWithMedia.com. In these videos, I demonstrate and explain how to use a variety of apps, websites, and software applications to create and share different kinds of multimedia.
I've published several books  and "eBook singles" on multimedia, technology integration and coding. These texts are used by university professors and professional development leaders teaching educators about educational technology.
I present keynote addresses on a variety of topics for different educational conferences and professional development events. I frequently customize presentations for the needs of different audiences.
Breakout Sessions
I offer a variety of different breakout sessions at educational conferences and professional development events.
I lead and facilitate several multi-day workshops for teachers. These include iPad Media Camp, STEM Seeds PD Camp, and iPad Apps for Productivity (iPadwithWes.com).
Presentation Handouts
Links to presentation slides, referenced resources and links from my keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops and videoconferences are available on my Presentation Handouts wiki.
If your school has invested in H.323 videoconferencing gear from Cisco (formerly Tandberg), Polycom, Lifesize, or another vendor, you can affordably “bring me virtually” to your teachers and administrators via videoconference.
My Digital Footprint
My primary professional blog is "Moving at the Speed of Creativity" and I am @wfryer on Twitter. Other websites to which I contribute are listed on about.me/wfryer,  as well as on my Google Profile page. [image attribution: Darcy Moore]

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