My name is Wesley Fryer, and I love helping people communicate better with media! I hope you'll find resources here which will inspire and empower you as a digital learner and leader. My primary Twitter account is @wfryer, but I also tweet periodically on @ipadmediacamp, @ipadwithwes, @storychasers and @eyesrightblog.
Mapping Media eBook
I published my second eBook, "Mapping Media to the Common Core: Vol 1," in 2013. This eBook and the accompanying digital literacy framework are designed to serve as a menu, handbook, and map for teacher-leaders and learners in the twenty-first century who seek to develop digital literacies as multimedia communicators. [LEARN MORE]
Presentation Resources
Links to referenced resources and "digital handouts" are available on my Presentation Handouts wiki. Please contact me regarding availability and scheduling for a keynote or other presentation for your upcoming event. I offer many of my workshops and breakout sessions as IP/H.323 videoconferences.
Playing with Media eBook
I published my first eBook, "Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing," in 2011. We need to play with media to become more effective communicators. I wrote this book to inspire and empower you, as a creative person, to expand your personal senses of digital literacy and digital agency as a multimedia communicator. [LEARN MORE]
Mapping Media to the Common Core
My "Mapping Media to the Common Core" project is a digital literacy framework including twelve different kinds of multimedia projects learners can create and share to demonstrate mastery and understanding of information in a variety of content areas, at different grade levels, to meet Common Core State Standards.
My Digital Footprint
Many of the websites I maintain, social networks to which I regularly contribute, and other web 2.0 sites I utilize is available on about.me/wfryer,  as well as on my Google Profile page. [image attribution: Darcy Moore]

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