Projects by Dr. Wesley Fryer

Dr. Wesley Fryer’s current projects include:

  1. Heal Our Culture (inquiry project for aspirational cultural healers – NOT cultural warriors)
  2. Middle School STEM Curriculum (Media Literacy, Coding, Web Design, Robotics, Engineering)
  3. Podcasts
  4. Show with Media: What Do You Want to CREATE Today?
  5. Storychasers
  6. Charlotte Voices
  7. “Cook with Wes” – Family RecipesFacebook PageInstagramTwitterYouTube videosTikTok
  8. Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Christ
  9. Playing with Media Video Tutorial Library
  10. Media Literacy Resources
  11. Conspiracies and Culture WarsFacebook Group
  12. Space and STEM Resources
  13. Communitarian Prepper
  14. Learning Signs (our family learning blog)

“Shelved but not abandoned” projects include:

  1. Design, Create & Share
  2. Star Trek Plus
  3. Fuel 4 Educational Change Agents (podcast)
  4. Stories of Faith Podcast (“audio interviews about Christian faith and mission work”)

A comprehensive list of past projects is included on Dr. Fryer’s academic vitae. Past projects included:

  1. The K-12 Online Conference
  2. iPad Media Camp
  3. Remote Learning Support at Casady School
  4. EdCampOKC
  5. Make Media Camp
  6. OKC Scratch Camp and Scratch Days
  7. “Conversations about Digital Citizenship” (via Wayback Machine)
  8. MacBook Maestro (badge-based WordPress-powered video tutorials)
  9. “PlayDate OKC” (professional development meetups)
EdCampOKC 2017 Organizers