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I’m Wes Fryer from Matthews, North Carolina. I am a:

  1. Middle school STEM and media literacy teacher
  2. Author and Speaker
  3. Content Creator
  4. Jesus follower
  5. Funnel Cake entrepreneur
  6. “Empty nester!”
Wesley Fryer

You can learn more about me by reading my bio, vitae, teaching portfolio, or watching one of my online presentations.

I’ve been blogging since 2003 and podcasting since 2005.

Three of my current projects are Heal Our Culture, Conspiracies and Culture Wars, and Storychasers.

As a content creator I regularly publish on my primary YouTube channel and two podcast channels, “The EdTech Situation Room” and “Wes and Shelly Share.”

YouTube Channel of Wes Fryer
Wes and Shelly Share Podcast

I love to cook and my backyard barbecue speciality is Texas-style brisket! Many of our favorite family recipes are shared online, and my primary TikTok channel (@CookWithWes) is BBQ focused!

There are lots of other ways to learn and connect with me, but one of the best is to subscribe to my Substack newsletter!