Day After: Next Steps After a Presentation by Wes Fryer

You’ve watched a keynote or video, participated in a workshop, or attended a presentation / webinar by Wes Fryer. Or maybe you found Wes online. What’s next?

Follow Wes on “New” Social Media Platforms:

“New” social media platforms (relatively speaking!)

Follow Wes on “Legacy” (older) Social Media Platforms:

A few more suggestions:

  1. Check out websites Wes maintains:
  2. Follow Wes:
  3. Subscribe to Wes’ blog, “Moving at the Speed of Creativity”
  4. Watch Wes’ TEDx Talks: “Becoming Your Family’s Digital Witness” and “Digital Citizenship in the Surveillance State” and “Technology Fear Therapy
  5. Follow 1 or more of Wes’ curated Twitter lists
  6. Inquire about Wes’ availability to present (virtually or in-person) for your conference or other professional development event
  7. Contact Wes about another topic

Subscribe to Wes’ podcasts:

  1. Subscribe to “The EdTech Situation Room,” (@edtechSR) the weekly webshow and podcast Wes co-hosts on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Central / 8 pm Mountain / 0300 UTC with Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach)
  2. Subscribe to Wes’ “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” podcast
  3. Subscribe to “Class with Dr. Fryer” (an Anchor-powered podcast)

Watch another presentation by Wes on YouTube:

Check out Wes’ projects and curriculum:

  1. Wes’ Media Literacy Lessons (content is migrating from my old school Google Site: 5th / 6th Grade Digital Literacy and Media Lessons for Students)
  2. “Conspiraces and Culture Wars” Media Literacy Project
  3. “Show with Media: What Do You Want to Create Today?”
  4. Wes’ Media Literacy Resources
  5. Wes’ Space and STEM Resources
  6. Communitarian Prepper
  7. Design – Create – Share: a better framework for teacher lesson planning
  8. “Conversations about Digital Citizenship” (a now-offline website Wes co-created at Casady School as the Technology Integration and Innovation Specialist)
  9. “Curiosity and Questions: Jesus and Science” (Wes’ adult Sunday School class website)
  10. Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Jesus Christ

Learn About Cooking with Wes:

  1. Check out “Cooking with Wes,” Wes’ cooking blog and recipe sharing site
  2. Watch Wes’ cooking videos (on this YouTube playlist)

Learn more with Wes by:

  1. Subscribing to his’ Flipboard magazine “iReading” or other magazines on Flipboard he curates
  2. Checking out his 2013-15 STEM curriculum lessons
  3. Exploring, a project Wes started with his wife, Shelly (@sfryer).
  4. Reading the Fryer Family Learning blog, “Learning Signs”
  5. Check out an older (but still really cool) “badge-based professional development website” Wes built back in 2013: MacBook Maestro

Archived PD and other event / summer camp websites by Wes include:

  1. EdCampOKC
  2. Minecraft Camp
  3. After-school Scratch Club
  4. Scratch Day and Scratch Camp events in Oklahoma City
  5. iPad Media Camp
  6. Make Media Camp
  7. GCampOKC
  8. After-school STEAM Studio
  9. The K-12 Online Conference
  10. STEM Seeds Camp

Check out Wes’ Christian Writing Projects and Sharing Spaces:

  1. Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Christ
  2. @pocketshare on Twitter
  3. Bible Verse InfoPics on iCloud