Next Steps After a Presentation by Wes Fryer

You’ve watched a keynote, participated in a workshop, or attended another presentation by Wes Fryer. What’s next? Most of these options are free!

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Download Wes’ presentation slides
  2. Sign up for Wes’ periodic newsletter
  3. Subscribe to Wes’ blog, “Moving at the Speed of Creativity”
  4. Check out Wes’ website “Show with Media: What Do You Want to Create Today?”
  5. Check out “Conversations about Digital Citizenship” (a website Wes co-creates at Casady School as Director of Technology)
  6. Subscribe to Wes’ Video Library ($)
  7. Order one of Wes’ books ($)
  8. Contact Brenda Druecker to inquire about Wes’ availability to speak at your event

Connect with Wes on social media:

  1. On Twitter @wfryer
  2. On YouTube
  3. On Google+
  4. On Instagram
  5. On Flickr

Subscribe to Wes’ podcasts:

  1. Subscribe to “The EdTech Situation Room,” (@edtechSR) the weekly webshow and podcast Wes co-hosts on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Central / 8 pm Mountain / 0300 UTC with Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach)
  2. Subscribe to Wes’ “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” podcast
  3. Subscribe to Wes’ “Fuel for Educational Change Agents” podcast

Watch another presentation by Wes on YouTube:

Learn more with Wes by:

  1. Subscribing to his’ Flipboard magazine “iReading” or other magazines on Flipboard he curates
  2. Checking out his STEM curriculum lessons
  3. Exploring and, two projects Wes is continuing to work on with his wife, Shelly (@sfryer).
  4. Reading the Fryer Family Learning blog, “Learning Signs”

Join Wes at:

  1. iPad Media Camp
  2. GCampOKC
  3. EdCampOKC
  4. Scratch Day and Scratch Camp events in Oklahoma City
  5. After-school Scratch Club
  6. After-school STEAM Studio
  7. The K-12 Online Conference
  8. STEM Seeds Camp

Check out Wes’ Christian Writing Projects and Sharing Spaces:

  1. Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Christ
  2. @pocketshare on Twitter
  3. Bible Verse InfoPics on iCloud