Wesley Fryer

Contact Wes / Dr. Fryer

If you are a student or parent at Providence Day School, please contact Dr. Fryer via email using his PDS email address. (Available in Charger Commons!)

If you want to contact Wesley / Dr. Fryer regarding a possible speaking engagement for a conference keynote, breakout session, or workshop, please use this booking inquiry form. Please note Wes does NOT accept any paid guests posts or advertising on his blog.

For anything else use the form below:

Alternatively, contact Wesley via:

Synchronous options:

  • phone during weekly business hours (US Central time) at ‪(980) 202-0545.

Asynchronous options:

  • email to wfryer at pobox dot com
  • send a Mastodon direct message or reply to
  • post a comment on Wes’ blog (on a post related to your question / idea)

Please use the communication modality which best fits your need and context. If you need to contact Wes about a time-sensitive appointment DO NOT rely on an asynchronous option like email. Note I (Wes) am NO LONGER USING TWITTER / the BirdSite as of late November 2023.

We live in a digital world, but email quantity can impede timely communication. Using the phone is still a very effective means of communication!