Videoconference-based Professional Development

Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) presents a variety of professional development workshops as videoconferences. If your school has invested in H.323 videoconferencing gear from Cisco (formerly Tandberg), Polycom, Lifesize, or another vendor, you can affordably “bring Wesley virtually” to your teachers and administrators via an H.323 videoconference. An updated list of PD sessions Wesley offers via videoconference is available on the CILC (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration) website. You can directly request a videoconference presentation by Wesley by using the CILC’s request system.

In addition to the topics listed below, Wes can also present keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops via videoconference. Some of his sessions shared by videoconference include:

Minecraft and MinecraftEDU in the Classroom
Minecraft is a "sandbox virtual world" offering opportunities for students to create simulations of places, events, and concepts in the school curriculum. MinecraftEDU is a customized version of Minecraft designed for educators to provide more control and limits when using the software in the classroom with students. We will view examples of student-created Minecraft simulation projects as well as teacher-created lessons. Basic use and configuration of MinecraftEDU server and client software will be demonstrated and explained. [CILC SCHEDULE REQUEST]
Interactive Writing
Students and teachers today need to practice interactive digital writing. Learn how to setup, use and moderate content on a classroom blog to improve student writing skills. A moderated classroom blog can be an ideal platform to use to share announcements, classroom news, and student work for a public audience. In this session we’ll use the free blogging site KidBlog to model the digital facilitation of student writing. We’ll also explore how free blogs on can be used by students to not only share text, but also different kinds of rich media including images, audio and video files. [CILC SCHEDULE REQUEST]
Creating MultiMedia eBooks
Learn how to create enhanced/multimedia eBooks including digital text, hyperlinks, images, and embedded videos. In addition to using Apple Pages software (part of iWork) participants will learn how to use Calibre software (free and cross-platform) to convert multimedia documents into a variety of eBook formats. [CILC SCHEDULE REQUEST]
iPad Quick Edit Videography
Learn to shoot, edit, and publish a video on an iPad in a fraction of the time this process takes with a laptop computer and "traditional" video gear! Flash-based video camcorders on mobile computing devices (like the iPad) can empower learners to create and publish "quick edit" videos. In this session we will discuss example iPad videos, explore different apps for quick-edit videography, and learn to to successfully facilitate student-created iPad videos. [CILC SCHEDULE REQUEST]
Tell a Story in 5 Photos
Visual literacy and visual communication skills can be developed effectively through image-based communication. In this session we will discuss examples of five photo stories, explore copyright-friendly websites for finding images to use in five photo stories, and learn how to create and share five photo stories with a variety of web-based tools. [CILC SCHEDULE REQUEST]
Smartphones like the iPhone have ushered in a new golden age of digital photography. The best camera is the one you have with you. The higher resolution along with the editing/processing capabilities and uploading/sharing options of modern smartphones make iPhoneography a flexible as well as fun type of digital photography. In this session we’ll explore a variety of concepts, techniques, and applications related to iPhoneography. [CILC SCHEDULE REQUEST]

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