Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) presents a variety of full, half day, and multi-day workshops focused on effective and engaging ways to use technology resources to support teaching and learning. A linked list of Wesley’s past workshops is available on his handouts / presentation resources wiki.

Some of Wesley’s current workshops include:

iPad Media Camp (3 day workshop)
ipadmediacamp-128iPad Media Camp is a three day hands-on workshop designed to inspire and equip educators to facilitate student media projects using iPads. Participants should BYOI (bring your own iPad) to camp and install required apps in advance. Participating teachers are students in a fully iPad integrated classroom for the 3 days of camp, and collaborate with others to create different media projects each day. Day 1 focuses on creating narrated slideshows and screencasts. Day 2 is all about creating and safely sharing “Quick Edit” videos. Day 3 focuses on interactive writing and creating multimedia eBooks. More details are available on

geomap-128Google GeoMap Workshop (half or full-day workshop)
In this hands-on workshop using laptops, we will learn how to create a Google form students can fill out which includes a field for city and state information. We will connect form results as a “layer” in a Google Map to produce a GeoMap. The resulting GeoMap will have clickable, customized place marks. Each will reveal results from each student’s Google Form submission.We will also learn how to create individual GeoMaps, collaborative GeoMaps, and GeoMaps using web resources like earthquake data. Session resources are available on and

STEM Seeds Camp (3 day workshop)
stemseeds-128The goal of STEM Seeds Elementary PD Camp is to provide opportunities for teachers to experience classroom STEM lessons from a student perspective, and develop STEM lesson facilitation skills. Camp provides opportunities for STEM teacher networking, idea sharing, and collaboration. Lessons each summer include topics like engineering design projects, MinecraftEDU, Building Design / Architecture, Prosthetic Limb Construction, and more! More details are available on

iPad Apps for Productivity (
As 21st century educators, we should to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery and understanding of the curriculum not only with text but also with images, audio, and video. Dr. Wesley Fryer will invite and inspire you to become a better multimedia communicator and a pioneer with digital media in this dynamic day of learning. (More information about iCamp on January 15, 2015, at Kansas State University is available.)


As part of the “Best Keynote” team, Wesley works with school leaders to share customized technology integration professional development programs for teachers aligned to State Academic Standards, Common Core State Standards as well as ISTE NETS.

Wesley also leads and presents digital storytelling workshops (including iPad Digital Storytelling) for Storychasers.

More information is available about Wes’:

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