Wesley Fryer at eTechOhio 2009Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) presents keynote addresses on a variety of topics for different educational conferences and professional development events. Wesley customizes presentations for the needs of different audiences.

As you can see from the presentations embedded below, Wesley’s presentations focus primarily on the ways students can “show what they know and can do” with media. Wes is passionate about empowering students and teachers to share their voices and stories. His “Show What You Know with Media” digital literacy framework provides a menu of 12 media products learners can create to more effectively communicate and convey their knowledge and abilities.

In June 2016, Wes and Shelly Fryer shared a mini-keynote helping kick off iPadPalooza in Austin, Texas. Their topic was “Outside Sharing.”

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To inquire about availability and booking, please contact Brenda Druecker (Wes’ booking agent) using this electronic contact form.

Design, Create & Share

Creating to Learn

Show What You Know with Media

Mapping Media to the Curriculum

Amplify Art with Media

Show What You Know with Media in PBL

Visualize Sticky Learning

Show What You Know With Media in PBL

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