Wesley FryerWes Fryer loves teaching middle school media literacy, robotics, engineering, and computer science at Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been an educator since 1996. As a teacher, author, speaker, EdCamp organizer, and digital storyteller, Wes supports innovation, creativity, media literacy, STEM, and engaged learning in schools. More information is available on his bio page.

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Wesley at eTechOhio 2009

* Since 2005 Wesley has presented keynotes, workshops and other professional development / conference sessions in mainland China (2007, 2009 & 2011), Hong Kong, New Zealand, Egypt, Qatar, The Dominican Republic, Canada and Brazil in addition to numerous U.S. states.

Additional resources about Wes and Wes’ speaking services include:

Get challenged in your thinking about privacy by Wes’ TEDxWallerMiddleSchool presentation from November 2016, “Digital Citizenship in the Surveillance State.”

Check out Wes’ TEDxOU presentation from January 2013, “Becoming Your Family’s Digital Witness.”

Watch this 6.5 minute video on “Why Playing with Media and Mapping Media Matters” to hear some of Dr. Fryer’s ideas about multimedia communication.

Wes shared the opening pre-conference keynote for the 2014 K-12 Online Conference titled, “Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning.”


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